Services for Employers

Our range of administration services provide employers with everything they need to deliver a solution that is second to none for scheme members. These services have been our foundation for almost 50 years, and we pride ourselves on our passionate staff, industry knowledge and expertise that make us who we are today.

Our teams use their experience, pensions knowledge and market-leading technology to provide high-quality services centred around employer needs, including:

  • Communication

    Scheme communications

    We provide trustees with a range of innovative multimedia tools and services that really connect and engage with members. From initial audits and strategy development to integrated campaigns and design, we’ve got it covered.

  • DataCleanse

    Data cleanse

    To ensure your data meets and exceeds tPR requirements we offer a suite of data audit, analysis, cleanse and review services in line with pension industry best practice to ensure complete peace of mind.

  • Administration

    Scheme administration

    Scheme administration is what we were made for! Our experience across a wide range of markets, looking after members in all types of scheme really would take some beating.
  • Accounting

    Scheme accounting

    We can provide anything from a single set of audited accounts to a complete solution for tax payments and reports.

  • Payroll

    Pensioner payroll

    Paying out benefits that members have worked hard for is really important to us. We provide payroll services that ensure right pension, right time no matter what your requirements.

Other services

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