Services for Trustees


For nearly 50 years we have provided support with the skills, knowledge and innovative services required by trustees in their day-to-day roles. 

While we mainly provide services for the Trustee of the railways pension schemes, we are also able to offer a comprehensive range of services to trustees who need external support.

  • TrusteeTraining

    Trustee training

    Whether you are a newly appointed trustee or have a background in pensions, there is always something new to learn. Our complete trustee training programme will make provide you will all the knowledge and skills you need to fulfil your role.

  • TrusteeBallot

    Trustee balloting

    Conducting a ballot is a complex task. Our expert team can manage the whole process for you, drawing on their 20 years experience to provide you with a hassle free solution from beginning to end.

  • TrusteeAdministration

    Trustee administration

    We know that the day to day tasks can often take up much of the time you have for your role. That’s where we can help with a range of services to help with the administration around meetings.

  • Governance

    Scheme governance

    We can provide you with a best practice governance framework, helping you with many of the tasks you are responsible for in your role as a trustee, from appointing procedures to committee structures and compliance, we’ve got it covered.

  • Support

    Pensions technical support

    We’ll keep you up to speed with all the regular changes in regulation, legislation and best practice when you use or team of technical experts.

  • Regulatory

    Pensions regulatory and compliance services

    The technical side of pensions can be challenging for trustees. We have a knowledgeable team with a wealth of experience in dealing with regulatory authorities, providing you with all the support you need.

  • Communication

    Scheme communications

    We provide trustees with a range of innovative multimedia tools and services that really connect and engage with members. From initial audits and strategy development to integrated campaigns and design, we’ve got it covered.

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