Pensions regulatory and compliance services


Technical pensions subjects can be challenging and time consuming – this we all know. At RPMI we also know that as a trustee, you want to do the best you can for your scheme and sometimes help in the more demanding areas is a real bonus.

That’s where our regulatory team come in; highly experienced, professionally qualified and with an outstanding track record dealing with all regulatory authorities they’re there to provide the support you need.

 There really is no need to worry when you use our services:

  • Annual Pensions Act compliance audits
  • Pension Ombudsman support
  • Monitoring of compliance with Disclosure of Information regulations
  • Maintenance of registered scheme status with HMRC
  • Submission of HMRC event reports
  • Accounting for tax returns
  • Submission of registered Scheme Returns to the Pensions Regulator (tPR)
  • Monitoring of notifiable events to tPR
  • Payment of levies (PPF/tPR)